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  • Sudan
  • Soudan -- 1956-....
  • South Sudan
  • Soudan -- 2011-....
  • Politique et gouvernement -- Soudan -- 1985-....
  • Politique et gouvernement -- Soudan du Sud
  • South Sudan -- Politics and government -- 2011-
  • Sudan -- History -- 2011-
  • Sudan -- Politics and government -- 1985-
  • Relations extérieures -- Soudan -- Soudan du Sud
  • Relations extérieures -- Soudan du Sud -- Soudan
  • South Sudan -- Foreign relations -- Sudan
  • South Sudan -- History -- 21st century
  • Sudan -- Foreign relations -- South Sudan
  • Sudan -- History -- 1956-
  • Soudan du Sud -- 2000-....
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  • Sudan and South Sudan, from one to two
  • Sudan and South Sudan, from one to two
  • The Republic of Sudan that emerged from the end of British rule in 1956 was a construction of colonialism with deep cultural divisions between those in the culturally Arab and religiously Islamic north and those in the primarily black African south. The history of Sudan since independence has been marked by two long and bloody civil wars and resulted in the secession of South Sudan in 2011. But both nations continue to face significant political and socio-economic challenges, while South Sudan is plagued by armed rebellion and political corruption. This moving and important volume by Sudan's former Minister of Culture and Information provides a factual and personal account of the break-up of Sudan. It lifts the veil on the country's often difficult past, exploring its troubled postcolonial history, and looks to the future in an attempt to provide solutions for both Sudan and South Sudan's many challenges (site de l'éditeur)
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  • 2014
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