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  • Konsumentenverhalten
  • Consommation
  • Comportement des consommateurs
  • Consumer behavior
  • Études de marché
  • Market surveys
  • Consumption (Economics)
  • Consommateurs -- États-Unis
  • Consommateurs -- Attitude
  • Consommateurs -- Attitude -- Études de cas
  • Comportement des consommateurs -- Études de cas
preferred label
  • Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being
  • Consumer behavior : buying, having, and being
  • La 4è de couv. indique : \"Consumer Behavior : Buying, Having, and Being increases the focus on buyer/seller transactions by addressing what happens before, during, and after a purchase. The key aim of the book is to capture the latest marketing trends -increase in « artisanal » products, moving away from « gender binarism », and evolving trends in fitness- that impact consumer behavior. The text explores and emphasizes how various factors influence consumption patterns, including cultural dynamics, gender roles, and ethics. The thirteenth edition marries a strong theoretical foundation with practical insights into the everyday practice of marketing, reinforced by Discuss and Apply questions at the end of each capter. New and updates features include : Marketing opportunity boxes that highlight the fascinating ways in which organizations have capitalized on marketing opportunities to generate large profits ; Consumer behavior challenge problems at the end of every chapter present students with current scenarios that marketers are dealing with. Students can work individually, in groups, or in a class discussion to talk through possible solutions to these challenges ; End-of-chapter case studies that examine companies accross the globe, helping students see the practical applications of consumer behavior. The cases reference brands that students know and love –L’Oreal Paris, KitKat, TOMS, KonMari, Lush, etc. ; Appendix : research methods that summarizes an array of methodologies to help students understand that there is more than one way to approach a challenging problem. Also available for purchase is MyLab marketing, an optional suite of course-management and assessment tools that allow instructors to set and deliver courses online. The MyLab includes bried essays on consumer behavior research by professors.\"
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  • 1991
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