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  • 1889-08-11
alternative label
  • International congress of hygiene and demography (1889 ; Paris)
preferred label
  • Congrès international d'hygiène et de démographie (1889 ; Paris)
  • Congrès international d'hygiène et de démographie (1889 ; Paris)
  • 1889-08-04
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  • Ce congrès ne fait pas partie des congrès réguliers \"numérotés\" organisés depuis 1877 : « INTERNATIONAL Congresses on Hygiene have been held at about two years' interval in various capitals of Europe since the year 1877. The first was held at Brussels [...], and was accompanied by an Exhibition of Sanitary Appliances. After the second of these Congresses, it was decided to associate with the Hygienic Congress one on the cognate subject of demography, which may be defined as the science of statistics applied to the social well-being of the people. The Congress which will assemble in London in August next will be the seventh on hygiene, and the fifth on demography. The last Congress was held at Vienna [...] in 1887. It was then settled that the next Congress was to be held in London, and the year 1891 was selected; because the organizers of the French Exhibition had already announced Congresses on cognate subjects to be held in 1889 in Paris. » Nature, 43, 241-242, 1891
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  • 1889-08-04
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  • 1889-08-11
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