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  • F01.752.747.792.110.500
alternative label
  • Body Dissatisfaction
  • Body Image Dissatisfaction
  • Body Image Dissatisfactions
  • Body Image, Negative
  • Body Images, Negative
  • Dissatisfaction, Body
  • Dissatisfaction, Body Image
  • Dissatisfactions, Body Image
  • Image Dissatisfaction, Body
  • Image Dissatisfactions, Body
  • Image corporelle négative
  • Image négative du corps
  • Image, Negative Body
  • Images, Negative Body
  • Insatisfaction de l'image corporelle
  • Insatisfaction de l'image du corps
  • Negative Body Image
  • Negative Body Images
preferred label
  • Insatisfaction corporelle
is in scheme
  • Person’s negative thoughts about his or her own body. This includes judgements about size and shape, muscle tone and generally involves a discrepancy between one's own body type and an ideal body type. (Grogan, 2008)
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is Subject of
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